Call for the Research Competition


by Anishka Gheewala-Lohiya


"The anthropologist must relinquish his comfortable position in the long chair on the veranda of the missionary compound, Government station, or planter's bungalow, where, armed with pencil and notebook and at times with a whisky and soda, he has been accustomed to collect statements from informants.... He must go out into the villages, and see the natives at work in gardens, on the beach, in the jungle; he must sail with them to distant sandbanks and to foreign tribes." - Bronislaw Malinowski

Can anthropology be accessible to a wider audience? Can anthropologists engage with people who perhaps aren’t all that interested in Malinowski, Marx and Levi-Strauss? What should we do with all our photos, films and writing from the field?

The Research Competition!

The Competition, part of the School-wide LSE Festival, is a celebration of the diversity of research at LSE and open to anyone who is a part of LSE, from undergraduates to staff members. This year the theme is New World (Dis)Orders, however, you can submit any theme in an area of your research interest.


There are nine prizes of School-wide acclaim and £250 each; the four category prizes, LSE LIFE prize (for masters and undergraduates), PhD Academy prize, Festival prize (based on the theme), Popular prize (through online voting), and the Staff prize.

You can enter in four categories: photograph, poster, written pitch (former research abstract) or short film. These will then be shortlisted for exhibiting in the NAB, during the week-long LSE Festival from 25 February to 2 March 2019.

Don’t worry, all the work will be featured in our online gallery even if it is not shortlisted for display in the NAB, and will be eligible for the Popular prize. The competition closes on Monday 21 January 2019.

You can read more about the previous winners here:


This year we are having two receptions during the Festival week. One will be a ‘Meet and Greet’ the researchers, to encourage public engagement and get people talking about your work! The second will be the prize-giving wine reception, to celebrate our participants’ efforts with a well-deserved drink.

Still a bit unsure? You can use our toolkits and judging criteria to see what and how to enter. You can find them here: .

Anthropology has a lot of potential to get information out there in a creative and visual manner, from photography to written work. So let’s get out of the library or our office chairs and get involved!

Come by and see us at our Q&A stall outside the Students Union. Keep an eye on our social media pages for the confirmed dates. 

For more information, general questions or a good chat contact

Juliette Gautron