Dear readers, 

Welcome to the third edition of the Argonaut. We hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed creating it. 

I still remember the first time I got my hands on the last issue of the Argonaut. It was Orientation Day on September 2016. A year later, I found myself discussing with Nick Long what I perceived to be a lack of student initiatives. Then, from the very back of my head, I remembered the Argonaut magazine that I had once read. He explained to me that the magazine eventually closed down as the older generation of students graduated. Ever since then, I made it my mission to make the Argonaut a platform of expression for each and every Anthropology student. 

A couple of days into the project “The Argonaut: Relaunch”, I could not believe how wrong I was in thinking our students lacked engagement. Together with Dimitris and Juliette, we walked into the Seligman Library in the very first meeting for the Argonaut awaiting to be just the three of us. Yet, we were pleasantly surprised by the large number of students who responded to our call for the project. We could not believe it. So many wonderful people and so many wonderful ideas. 

My predecessor, Jade Gorgan, wrote that every Anthropology Department is special in its own way. And ours is more than special. Each and every member of the Department offered a helping hand and words of encouragement to ensure that this publication would come to fruition. Professor Katy Gardner helped us every step of the way, guiding us and offering us her valuable advice. Countless meetings with Yanina Hinrichsen and Renata Todd, Nick Long and Catherine Allerton, shaped the Argonaut you have on your hands today. This publication could not have happened without their guidance, continued enthousiasm and infinite support. 

To conclude, we would like to thank everyone who contributed in every which way to make this magazine dream come true, including our writers, photographers and artists that filled the pages of this very magazine with the most creative and original insights. 

It has been an honour. 

On behalf of the Argonaut editorial team, 

Maria Tzoannou 

Chief Editor